Sunday, 26 December 2010

To fend off cold and boredom...

Christmas is done (boo!), but there's a good two months of ice and snow and darkness left before we can even think about spring. It would be very easy for us all to be very miserable and cross, but that's no fun. So, in the spirit of Winter Cheer, heres some ideas for keeping busy, warm and happy till we see the sun again...

♥ Two words - log. fire.
♥ Go for a walk and find some animals (I saw a three day old calf today. It was fuzzy)
♥ Learn to knit and do something good with what you make.
♥ Write thankyou notes for all the people who got you Christmas presents - write them, not email or text!
♥ Have a go at ice-skating - outdoors if your lucky enough to live somewhere with an outdoor rink!
♥ Go out for lunch with someone you havn't seen in a while.
♥ Get in plentiful snacks, and have a film/t.v series marathon session (Die Hard is my personal favourite)
♥ Help an elderly neighbour by offering to clear their drive-way of snow. Serious karma points.
♥ Crack out the board games from your childhood, force your family to play, laugh.
♥ Make a huge and crazy hot chocolate, with as much good stuff in it as you can find. Squirty cream, flakes, chocolate chips, marshmallows, bits of leftover christmas pudding...

♥ Learn the winter constellations. Wrap up at night, go outside and spot them.
♥ Banging an old drum I know... but excercise. Its just good for you.
♥ Go through your wardrobe and take out everything you haven't worn for over two years. If you think you'll want it in the future, box it up and store it. If you wont or if it doesn't fit, donate it to charity/
♥ Start a journal, keep track of your goals, ideas, dreams, thoughts and experiences.
♥ Try out some semi-permanent hair dye, grow a beard or get a haircut.
♥ Massive bubble bath, with candles, a glass of wine and a John Coltrane playlist.
♥ Take a class - life drawing, salsa, french. Get some mad skills.
♥ Go to a car boot sale or flea market, buy some old furniture and give it some serious love - I reeally want to make a throne. Some red cushions, gold paint and sequins... sorted.
♥ Get some dangerously sexy lingerie, and find a way to keep you and your lover warm...
♥ Leave encouraging notes for strangers

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