Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Some New Years Resolutions I wont be making.

Last night, I was catching up with some of my closest girl friends from home, and I was asked if I had any New Year's Resolutions. Every year I'm presented with this question, and every year I draw a blank. I'm pretty big on milestones as people go, but there seems something a little too close to an excuse in this one - "I'll give up smoking for New Year", "I'll start going to the gym in the New Year", and so on. Surely if something means enough to you to base your plans for the next year on it, its worth starting now? Dont get me wrong, I dont mean to be a killjoy, and lets face it, you wont catch me going for a jog Christmas Day. What I'm trying to say is more about motivations. Heres a new one - you don't actually have to change anything about your life if you dont want to. Just because a specific date rolls around, we're all supposed to hit a point where we're ready to move on? Bull. People rarely wake up one day and change their life for ever - change is a gradual process, its takes preparation, perseverance and passion. And if you're really passionate about wanting to get fit, then you'll do it, whatever the time of year.

I'm sorry if what I'm about to say comes across as being harsh, but go with me. I'm not sure I can actually believe anyone who says "I want to [insert resolution, eg. loose weight, learn to play the piano etc] so much, I just can't". People do things they want to do. You may well quite fancy the idea of being able to play the piano, but if you're choosing to spend your time on facebook rather than practicing, its not what you want. If you're choosing to eat that second biscuit, you dont want to loose weight. It is harsh, but I'm inclined to think its true. By no means am I saying that any of these things are easy - believe me they're not, but rather than beating yourself up because you can't drop ten pounds, have a think about why you're trying to.

It boils down to, are you resolving to do something because you want to, or because you feel you ought to? I don't need to spell out which is going to be easier to achieve. And you know I'm a believer in hard work to improve yourself and the world around you, I'm not saying you should never do anything you dont dont want to, because guess what, thats life. Thing is - if you're trying to stop smoking because you feel you ought to, it's going to be a lot harder than if you genuinely want to, so you need to re-align your want and your ought. You know you ought, because its expensive and it damages your body. But perhaps there isnt anything else you especially want to spend your money on? Perhaps you dont care so much about your health? To me, that is what we should be thinking about - changing out thoughts and feeling to change our actions, not the other way round. Look into some life changing holidays you could spend that cigarette money on. Think about how much fun you could have playing with the kids if you lost the weight to do it. Look at how the stress levels of people who volunteer plummet. Love yourself, spend some time with yourself asking, what is it I really want?

And if the answer is, 'nothing right now', then that is fine! Infact thats better than fine, that's amazing and very lucky! There are times when we all have to move on, to progress and grow, but if now isn't that time for you, dont worry - it'll roll round soon enough. Be happy with your life as it is if you can, screw everyone else.

So, in that light, here is a list of New Years Resolutions I wont be making a week on Friday...

I will keep my room tidy at all times, a tidy rom = a tidy mind.
I will only drink on special occasions
I will eat five portions of fruit and veg a day, every day
I will not have cheesy chips after every night out.
I will go to every lecture, even if I know I wont use that topic in the exam.
I will not spend all my free money on going out and clothes.
I will walk for an hour a day, to improve fitness and save on carbon emmisions.
I will learn to cook lots of foods, organically and from scratch
I will do said cooking looking glamourous and neat, because that will make me a good woman.

There's stuff I'd like to do, of course. I'm just not putting dates on it yet - they're dreams and fancies rather than resolutions, and I'm OK with that!

Put together my own tool box ♥ Play an open mic night ♥ Do more work for charity ♥ Write, often ♥ Learn to operate the boiler ♥ Teach Aarun how to do a tie ♥ Save up some money for travel ♥ Call the people I care about more often ♥ Be able to do the splits again ♥ Get STRONG! ♥ Do well in degree! ♥ Make the time to paint ♥ Perform random acts of kindess ♥ Find exciting new role models ♥ Be happy!

Have a wonderful New Year - doing the things you actually want to do!!

What do you want to do next year? Or, what DONT you want to do?!


  1. There are lots of things I wish I could do, but I literally just can't haha. You know me, the will power is always gonna be there, I have bucket loads of that stuff. But I don't have any money and I genuinly think I won't do as well as I ought to on my course if I get a part time job, which SUCKS! Especially since one of the things I want to do is get a job haha, I think it will have to wait for the summer! I know what you mean though, people who say "I wish I could ___ but I just can't." annoy me as well, unless there's a proper reason. I used to do that when I began to feel crap about my weight. I just couldn't be bothered looking back, just a lazy fuck. Again, fair enough if you have some kinda medical problem, but other than that, no excuse. My last year "Resolution" or something that I wanted to achieve was lose weight of course. And I did bro! I weighed just near 17 stone last winter, and now I weigh 14 and a half. BOOM! ;) Running machine bro! Of course I still have a way to go, but I feel so much better, I have so much more confidence. Exercise IS good for you, you mention that a lot in your blog, and fff- me you're right beautiful. This year I will be trying to spend less money on things I want, and more money on the things I need :) I would like to just money on college stuff, as I want to save up to visit my friend in Germany :D I definitly WONT be "having more sleep" and "taking my tablets when I should" this year. Keep up these awesome posts pretty lady, I love to read them all even if I don't comment :) <3

  2. Lauren I love you, and you know how much I appreciate feedback! WELL DONE on your fitness,you are actual inspiration!


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