Thursday, 23 December 2010

Things I love Thursday 23/12/10

In the tradition of joy and thankfulity, here is this week's round of what made me smile!

  My BEAUTIFUL friends Fran and Andy getting engaged, despite the many Christmas difficulties of travel!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!



♥ Snuggling up with good friends, indoors, watching other people play in the snow ♥ Watching Sex and the City for four hours straight and not feeling guilty ♥ The compulsory Christmas Curry ♥ The forever helpful and clever staff at Carphone Warehouse who helped me get my lovely christmas present (which I totally know nothing about - eeeek!) ♥ My amazing parents ♥ Carol singing! ♥ Children's faces when we carol sung for them ♥ Reminiscing about the good old days ♥ My cats, clearly loving me being home, but covering EVERYTHING I own in hair...♥ My beautiful cousins ♥ Christmas themed quizzes, outfits, parties... Christmas themed everything!! ♥ Making the decision not to start revision till the New Year, and being OK with that ♥ Looking forward to seeing my huge and wonderful family ♥ Friends who I can rely on not to change ♥ Budda Bags! (look how satisfied that guy is - my face was just like that) ♥ My sister baking for me ♥  Discovering my Mum's heated rollers from the 80's and them being perfect ♥  Forgetting my advent calendar for a couple of days, then eating them all at once ♥ Planning New Year trips ♥  Satsumas satsumas satsumas (so cheap and juicy) ♥ All the lovely people who actually read my blog and tell their friends about it - that means you, thankyou so much!!!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good Thursday!!!


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