Friday, 7 January 2011


I can't actually describe right now how excited I am. Today was a day of receiving deliveries (thankyou Alan!), and preparing them FOR YOU! Or at least - having other people prepare them for me. THANKYOU so much Scott from - you are a god of javascript.

Anyways... I subsequently have a present for you. I now have - contain yourselves - a mailing list! I know right?! No longer do you have to go to the trouble of typing in my address - because now, the posts will come to you!!

It will make you do this.

Sign up for my mailing list, and you'll get a weekly roundup of all the goings on here at All The World's A Stage, plus some special lovely extras, because you are special lovely people! Just head on over to the right sidebar and type your address into the box. Simples! You will have to check your Junk box, because some systems will file my newsletters in there. Rude, I know.

Spread the word, spread the love, get signed up, and remember that I love you guys! N'awwwww!


  1. SHIT ME, WE HAVEN'T TALKED ABOUT HOW YOUR ASSISTANT DIRECTOR THIS TERM!I am so in love with Grace's play but now so nervous about auditioning for your face! x

  2. AND thanks for the mention on your sidebar. It means an awful lot really x

  3. Excellent -congratulations! And thaks for stopping by my blogg.

  4. Hi Sweetie
    I will def subscribe and you are on my blog roll too, thanks sweetheart


  5. Errrr I don't see any javascript! Only PHP!

  6. ha, thus illustrating my total lack of knowledge in this area!


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