Thursday, 13 January 2011

Things I love Thursday 13/1/11

Joy joy joy. In an attempt to rebut the revision blues, let us have joy.

The best thing to happen to me this week (and for a while!) was being accepted for a placement at More! Magazine, something I applied for ages ago and forgot about. I get to go to London for two weeks at Easter and work with the Fashion Team - SUPER excited!!! I'm also dead proud of me for getting chosen, two succesful candidates out of all the applicants makes me feel like hard work pays off! Serious grins.


♥ My beautiful little cousins, never ever fail to make me laugh ♥ Liverpool! Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool. ♥ Kitty loves llama! Oh yes he does!!! ♥ Tax returns. Seriously. Did I already mention this? But yeh, tax returns ♥ Getting a job! I'M GONNA BE ON TV GUYS! I did some work as an extra on Hollyoaks this week - I'm expecting a Bafta nomination anytime now ♥ Settling back into my own house ♥ My future? ♥ Erotic (or maybe not so) baking... ♥ Red dresses and all things faux fur ♥ Lusting after Jeffrey Campbell shoes ♥ Dreaming about travel - India this summer...? ♥ Patti Smith does Nirvana? Hello!! ♥ Carrot batons. Eating kilos of those things right now ♥ Walking everywhere, and deciding that makes me a fitness freak ♥ Meeting really cool, humble people. (This week I met Miss Black UK, and she was just lovely and gave me a lift home and everything, and didn't mention her title at all, until I added her work facebook. If I won something like that, I'd probably wear a badge all the time saying so. Look out for Rikaya in the new Tinie Tempah/Ellie Goulding video!!) ♥

I hope you had a great week too lovelies!!


  1. Congratulations on the magazine job, well done!!

  2. rio, thats amazing!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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