Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Thats a wrap!

Well, technically its a scarf. Sometimes, I go through serious style cravings, where I see an item of clothing in a store or show or person, and obsess about it in a most unhealthy manner until I can procure it. Currently, that obsession is the snood. The snood (or circle scarf) has been around for thousands of years, but had a bit of a resurgeance in popularity A/W 2009, kickstarted on the runway by Burberry and Missoni, and has just about filtered down to the high street now. Time to get shopping...

I have long had a love for the simple linear scarf though. The thing about scarves is, they're the type of item you often get given as a gift, or buy them from somewhere special, and so they carry a lot of memories. Here are some of my favourites, and the stories I attatch to them...

This one I bought a few years ago at a flea market in Portugal, from a lovely little old wrinkly Portuguese lady. I think I payed 1 Euro 50 for it, and two vintage brooches.

This was another travelling buy - I bought in in Tenerife, from an African man who had travelled over from Africa for the day to sell his wares. I think they were handmade by his family, its got a lovely natural feel.

This one I bought to wear for a day trip with my family this summer - we'd had to cancel our holiday because I was in hospital, but I was allowed out for a day to go to the beach with them. I think I wore it in my hair, but it goes a million ways.

Ahh, this one was given to me by an ex-boyfriends mum after we found it when we were getting the Christmas decorations out of the loft for her. It was hers from like, the seventies, and I always get complimented on it, I love it.

This one was a present from Santa, its the snuggliest thing in the world. I love the fact that my parents still go through the Santa routine for us, it really matters to me!

This one was a gift from my friend Fran, at a Christmas get together a few years ago. Not only do I love the material, it always reminds me of how much I loved spending time with those people, and how lucky I am that we're still all in touch.

This one was given to me by Ruth for my 18th birthday, so it reminds me of that and of my friendship with her. Also, I wore it pretty much every day of Freshers week, so it reminds me of that. Its another one I always get complimented on, and  it goes with everything.

Do you have items clothing that hold particular memories for you? I have all sorts, thats one of the things I really love about clothes!!


  1. Lovely scarfs Rio, I don't know anything about fasion but I like the one made my the African fellow :)
    I have a hoodie I'm wearing right now actually, and I really like ot because it's warm. It's a good few years old now, but I wear it every winter, and so many of my friends who I love so much have warn it, because I always give it to my pals to wear if they're cold. I wear it and it feels like a hug from people who aren't around me anymore :)

  2. Aww i forgot i got you that scarf :) glad you like it! xXx

  3. LOVE those scarves, they are amazing!!!


  4. great collection. guess i went thru a similar craving with stocking and tights. bought a whole bunch (with no particular meaning or interesting stories!). crazy thing is that it is always hot here...it's ridiculous to wear tights!



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