Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Content Musings

So it turns out, hard work does pay off. And to be honest, I haven't even worked that hard - perhaps I should say seizing as many opportunities as possible pays off. Today was a great day - my first day working as an SA (support artist - read 'extra') on Hollyoaks, which was great fun, and I met some really amazing people! I also saw Harry Enfield in the canteen, which is sure to brighten up anyones day. Sadly however, he was not dressed as Kevin.

Then I got home to an email from More! magazine, offering me a placement I applied for ages ago to work with their fashion team for two weeks in London. I am SUPER excited about this, and major proud, cos they chose two people out of all the applicants, and I was one of them. I put this entirely down to the Cover Letter - I cannot stress the importance of these when applying for jobs.

If you don't know what a Cover Letter is - which I didn't until I investigated - go find out and bloody use one! You are not an animal!!! Many companies wont even look at a CV without a cover letter, and if they specifically ask for one (which this one did), there's just no excuse!

Sorry. So anyway, I'm absolutely stoked, and I just feel as though today has been a bit of a reward for lots of hard work writing voluntarily and without being paid to build my experience, applying for approximately twelve thousand jobs, and generally persevering through what was a pretty tough year. This is a good way to be feeling in the time before exams! I'm now going to work verrrry hard, and pass them all as well as I can.

This is not only the sensible thing to do, there's a bit of an immature ulterior motive too, but I'm using that to my advantage! There's a little part of me that wants to do well, purely to show all the Doctors who said I was too weak, not stable enough, to come back to Uni this September that they were wrong! For many people, taking a year out after a serious illness would be the right thing to do, but it simply wasn't for me, and it took a lot of convincing to get people onside! My family and friends - especially my parents - have been so amazingly supportive through all this though - thankyou!! I feel strong, and I feel creative and enthusiastic, and I feel like maybe, just maybe everythings going to be alright for a change.

I just read that back and realised how morbid it sounded! I don't really like to talk about negative things here, but its important I feel to note that there are bad times aswell as good - thats what makes the good times so worth striving for!

Oh yeh - so go out and grab some opportunities!! People have been asking me how I got that job and that placement, and the answer is I went out and found them! No-one is going to turn up on your door offering you your dream job, you have to work to get there, and you have to take difficult baby steps to get there. But it feels awesome when things go right! So much love for the world today!!


  1. Well done to you, darling girl!!! Can't wait to hear more about it TOMORROW NIGHT. x

  2. well done rio, really need to catch up with you but i gotta go back to newcastle today :( miss you!! x


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