Monday, 31 January 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Its always so nice to have your work recognised, especially when its by one of your peers, so I was very excited when VildesVerden chose me to give the award to! Its basically a big old bag of blog to blog (try saying that after a pinot) love - which is so refreshing in a world so competitive!

I'm not entirely sure why its 'versatile' - maybe because it can go to any type of blog? Or is it named after someone? I dont know, but hey! The idea is that I now tell you seven lesser known facts about myself, and then pass on the award to seven blogs I think are great. Isn't it great to share the love? So here we go...

1 - I have hyperextended, hyperflexible joints. That means I am very bendy, but my knees get sore a lot!
2 - My favourite cities are Edinburgh, Venice and Vienna, and I cannot possibly choose between them.
3 - I'm on my University Cheerleading squad and stunt team, where I'm a backspot.
4 - The most expensive bag I ever bought was from the Cambridge Satchel Company - and it was so worth it.
5 - I sometimes work as an extra on Hollyoakes - if you watch, look out for me!
6 - My dream was to be a ballet dancer, but I'm too tall, my knees are too bad and I started too late.
7 - My original blog inspiration was Gala Darling, and I still love her.

Its harder than it seems to think of things to say about yourself! So, here are the blogs I'd like to pass the award onto, and I think you should check them out!

1 - Be My Breath - because the girl who writes this is one of the best people I know, and because her blog has lots of lovely inspiring and pretty snippets of life!

2 - Color Me Katie - because her art work and photos are beyond cute.

3 - The Man Repeller - because she's awesome, and her blog is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time!

4 - Today I learnt to Whistle - because her writing always provokes my thoughts, and she takes pictures what are nice.

5 - Waking up in Waco - because she provides funny anecdotes and advice on student life across the pond, and I love to compare!

6 - Nasty Cute - because if you havent already seen this, you need to. Its FUNNY.

7 - Daily Pep Talk From A Best Friend - because some days, this is exactly what I need.

Go, go look now! You'll have yourself a time.


  1. I think these posts are lovely, I should definitely finally get round to doing mine x

  2. thanks Rio! :')


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