Thursday, 3 February 2011

Things I love Thursday 3/2/11

Its February? Are you for reeeals?! Where the hell did January go. Ah well, time to crack on with this weeks sack o' lovin.

Due mainly to the completion of exams, this week has been both awesome and busy. There were many many birthdays this week, one of which took us to Alma De Cuba, officially my new favourite club. Until 1978, it was Liverpool's oldest Catholic church, and after that it became a super fancy restraunt and club. I mean, look at these pictures!

Oh yeh, thats right, AND THEY RELEASE ROSE PETALS FROM THE CEILING!! Eek. Its so beautiful. And the light fittings are made of antlers.

Did I mention there are also carnival dancers? Seriously, best place ever. Theres a gospel choir that performs whilst you have your sunday brunch too. Awesome.


♥ Many, many parties ♥ The Raiders Sale! I got two sweaters, two bags and a skirt, all vintage for £5. I love my life ♥ Possible future collaborations with IFB... ♥ The new facebook button! Over there! On the right!! Click click, like like, i'll love you ♥ Being cer-azy busy, and loving it! ♥ Chinese New Year - prepare for the year of the rabbit y'all! Apparantly rabbit years are peaceful - I'll take that ♥ Black Swan, lovedloveditlovedit. 'Ballet', 'psychological thriller' and 'Natalie Portman' are pretty much the best things you could put together in a film for me ♥ Improvised Comedy, and crowd banter ♥ Monochrome ♥ Cat Stevens! Why did no-one tell me about this before?! ♥ Cat Stevens - again. ♥ Olives, im craving them like you wouldnt believe ♥ The fact that the student Guild has the heating on - small things, but compared to the sub zero rehearsals of last year, its such luxioury! ♥ Speaking of which - auditions! We've been auditioning people for Death and the Maiden, and the standard was super hight and I'm super excited. ♥ Oolong Chai, and chinese tea cups to drink it from ♥ Two little ducks...

For Gemma's 22nd, we all went out dressed as ducks. Two little ducks, 22? Geddit?
Reckon I basically am the Black Swan.

What made you happy this week lover? xx


  1. AAA take me to Alma De Cuba pleaseeee :)

  2. Well get that sweet ass up to Liverpool and I just might!!

  3. Ive been Alma De Cuba quite a few times, I was once one of the ones throwing rose petals!! very jealous u get to go whenever!! i may have to come visit!! x


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