Thursday, 10 February 2011

Things I love Thursday 10/2/11

Warm happy fuzzy feelings all round this week. I hope yours also has been full of gladness, gladsomeness and gladity (I had a lecture on the word 'glad' today. For reals.).

Know what else makes me happy? Llamas in scarves make me happy.

♥ Naps. Life saving naps ♥ This cover of Skinny Love - she's 14?! ♥ Late night trips to ASDA - "Please don't take photos in the fruit isle"... ♥ Planning outfits for balls ♥ Balls in general! Champagne reception anyone? Red carpet??! Helloooo ♥ Beautiful, inspiring friends, old and new ♥ Leaf lunches - Hummus? YUMMUS! ♥ Ripping throught the first act of Death and the Maiden - blocked shmocked ♥ Dubliners ♥ Having an excuse to read Shakespeare ♥ Being complimented en español - double the linguistics, double the sexy ♥ Make your own Barbara Streisand song? I think I just might make a millionJoni Mitchell. So bad. Every day. ♥ Catching up properly with people who matter ♥ The nod that means 'I am a badass. I recognise that you too, are a badass' ♥ Intense philosopolitical debates over good coffee ♥ Doritos: both a food and a condiment ♥ Board game fancy dress - Live Pictionary was a win ♥ Adorable German lecturers who know more about my language than I do ♥ Tooo many bananas, five a day is difficult ♥

Exuding joy over here. Exuding.
¿Y tú?


  1. How adorable is that lama?! And I love your things you love posts!


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