Thursday, 24 February 2011

Things I love Thursday 24/2/11

Elated cat^

Heres some stuff that made me do smiles this week...

♥ Edinburgh hype and hopes, highly premature ♥ Finding the perfect prop for Death and the Maiden, and feeling like the puppet master of Liverpool ♥ Accepting things will happen in their own time ♥ Carrying said 8x3 foot prop through the streets of Liverpool. People are not subtle with their stares ♥ Friends who anticipate my needs before I do - words cannot express how grateful I am sometimes ♥ Having awesome stunting practices that feel like progress. It finally happened y'all! ♥ Recieving and making secret locks from the lovely Lock and Keys project - more to follow! ♥ Finally having coffee with people I haven't seen in too long, and having in depth catch ups ♥ Stalking everyone who was at New York Fashion Week. I am envy. ♥ Cuddles with mum. Not even embarrassed, I love them ♥ My tutor being really nice about my unacceptably crap essay! ♥ Having a gorgeous dinner cooked for me by beautiful friends, and then eating it with other beautiful friends ♥ Chivalry ♥ Seeing one of my best friends in the world in Liverpool on Saturday - impromptu!! ♥ The Rolling Stones - reminds me of road trips through Europe, how romantic! ♥ When the universe does you an unexpected favour ♥ SUNSHINE! ♥ One of my favourite dance videos ever - never ever ever fails to make me happy. Inexplicably. ♥ Holding a scorp for a full sixty seconds and feeling like a god ♥ Seeing elderly couples blatantly in love!  ♥ "An eye for an eye would leave the whole world blind." - perfect advice from the most unexpected people  ♥ The blog now being configured for Smartphone viewing - hello future!  ♥ Fixing your hair before you make a phonecall, realising how much of a tool you are and then laughing too much to be able to make the phone call  ♥

Oh and sunshine! Did I already mention this? Today is SUPER SUNNY and it's activated all my joy glands, I feel like a baby deer.

I hope your feeling happy too!!

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