Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What She Wore 22/2/11

Ooh its been a while. Partly because I've been a lazy dresser, and partly because I broke my camera. Today though, I got several (varied) compliments, and so thought I would share.

Flower headband, Primark
Snood, ASOS
Dress, H&M
Glitter cardigan (just seen), Oxfam
Grey cardigan, Primark
Jeggins, New Look
Boots, Faith

Top comments include:

"You look like a fairy!"
"You know we did Midsummer Nights Dream last week?"
"That thing. Yeh, on your head. Thats cool."

and my personal favourite...
"You look like Jesus, but flowery and sexy."

My eyes are slightly too far apart on this picture. I look like a rabbit.

1 comment:

  1. the hippie look is also doing it for me


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