Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Lock and Keys Project.

Remember a while ago I wrote about Love Locks? Well the lovely Denise from The Lock and Keys Project  in Massachussets stumbled across that, and asked me to get involved in her art project. Of course, I am never one to turn down an outdoors public art installation. The Lock and Keys Project is a collection of memories, wishes, regrets, secrets and loves, locked in a public place - sometimes, our deepest secrets are the ones all the world could see if only they looked. A snapshot of a moment, a thought, a grudge - it all goes.

I grabbed Jenna and Vicky, and we had a cute afternoon making our locks and writing the messages that go with them - each lock comes with a short descriptor or story.

All ready to start. Don't you just love my granny bedding? I was sent to uni with all the rejected linen from home. My towels are neon yellow.

I should warn you now that there is going to be a lot of cheese in this post. I did mine for my mum and dad, who have been absolutely amazing to me this year, they've gone so over and above the call of duty. They supported me when I dropped out of uni, dug me out of some serious holes, taught me some vital lessons, battled with me through a shitty illness, supported me going back to uni, and loved me unconditionally all along.

Vicky did hers for her sister Georgia (my sister's called Georgia too. Mental.), who had just left after visiting for the weekend. They're super close, everyone always thinks that they're twins, and I know how much she missed her when she's not here.

Jenna did hers for her boyfriend, they just went to Barcelona for a weekend. They are one of the funniest and nicest couples I know, and beyond adorable together. I don't even care how patronising that sounds!

Cute, no?


  1. to be honest i thought if these were for a cause and people were going to look at them you'd try and make them look nice? the first onesgood but the second two look like they were done by children. im genuinely dissapointed its a lovely idea and so id have thought a lot more effort would have gone in seeing as you were asked to contribute. its not like you need to be artistic they are just highly dissapointing. i wish you'd have made more effort.

  2. Rio,

    Thanks so much for talking about the project, and I received your pieces in the mail yesterday. Unlike anonymous above, I LOVE your creations and they are exactly what the fence is supposed to be all about. Thanks for taking the time and thoughtfulness to participate. Will send more for you or friends - love getting those beautiful international envelopes too!


  3. You really want things which look rushed and as if children have made them then fair play but i thought that things were meant to look like people cared. im sure from afar your fence will look fab but close up you will be able to tell when people dont really care about it.


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