Thursday, 10 March 2011

Things I love Thursday 10/3/11

N'arrête jamais d'être toi même, ça te va si bien!

♥ I got tumblr. Its just nice pictures I like, mainly high end fashion shoots and wolves, but there you are. Clickety click? ♥ Nutella for breakfast. No toast or anything, just Nutella (sin) ♥ Pink leapord skin hot water bottles ♥ Helping tidy and being well rewarded - Why hullo there American Apparel. You want me to have you?! ♥ Being in the gym first thing Monday mornings, and feeling like a god ♥ Catching up with the cast of Dinner, over a picnic and a little too much wine ♥ Ferocious card games ♥ Harvey Nichols English Breakfast Tea - thats it, thats the peak of my sophistication. It's downhill from here on kids ♥ Having Tiger Blood ♥ Going to Costa twice in one week - Living. The. Dream. ♥ Overwhelming episodes of appreciation ♥ Old fashioned romancing myself ♥ Sorting out a BANGING stunt routine, I cannot wait for BCA Comps ♥ The Chanel S/S Haute Couture Collection! ♥ Venturin outside with legs bared for the first time this year... spring? Is that you?! ♥ Self control ♥ Premature pancakes at Gemmas ♥ Gemma herself, who having made it into the last four TiLTs can now officially claim the title of awesome ♥ Being complimented by people who's artistic opinion I respect ♥ Charity sketch shows and uncontrollable giggles ♥ Feeling oh so smug about things I deserve to! ♥ Hardcore dualism debates ♥ My new man watch. Its dead manly, but the face is huge and its so easy to tell the time! ♥ It being warm enough to sit and work outside!! ♥

Also, this advert. Both utterly creepy and utterly hilarious...

Have a great week lovers.


  1. Thought you might be slightly amused, Mrs Ladds showed us tis in Ex Art as it entertained her so much! Fiona xx

  2. The cat video or the TiLT?! I need to start being more careful what I write if Dee is reading, I miss her!!


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