Thursday, 3 March 2011

Things I love Thursday 3/3/11

This week was spangly fine.

♥ Cream egg season hath officialy begun. I ate three today. I'm not even ashamed. ♥ Weekends doing nothing - need one so badly! ♥ Wine, chocolate, knitting, Take Me Out then Fantasia - perfect Saturday night ♥ Charles Bukowski quotes, all over that man right now ♥ Positive feedback! It's always appreciated guys! ♥ Friends who have your back, even in silly situations ♥ Bumping into Ruth in Tesco Express - genuinely one of the best things to happen to me this week, it was a moment when I just really needed to see a loving face and there she was, an angel in the bread isle! ♥ The snooze button ♥ Texting people in my lectures, commenting on the lecturer's failed sartorial pursuits ♥ The new Tesco Express by the Library. Its so well stocked. And I am such a looser. ♥ Steven Berkoff's Oedipus at the Playhouse - thoroughly enjoyed the show, workshop was even better ♥ Goji berries. Healthy yums. ♥ This song. So much. Please listen to it, you'll thank me ♥ LOST. I know, I know, it was like six years ago, but I only just started watching this weekend and I'm officially addicted ♥ The poster for Death and the Maiden being ready! ♥ Bus dates with Gemma ♥ Mine and Ruth's shameeeeful outfit photos/dancing from Friday! ♥

"And I just think my sister is brilliant to be honest, she's one of my favourite people. I'd like her even if she wasn't my sister." - my sister.
I love her to bits and bits, and it made me SO happy to read that she wrote this, I cried a little bit. It's the people who matter who... well, matter.

"If you're going to fuck it up, fuck it up boldly."
- Steven Berkoff

Ooh lala!

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  1. Reading your "Things I love Thursday" is the thing I love the most x


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