Thursday, 21 April 2011

Things I love Thursday 21/4/11

For the friends who really have got my back, and for the people who keep on trying to give good, even when luck seems bad.

♥ Stretching like a mother-fucker in preperation for British Cheerleading Assosiation comps on Friday! ♥ Peep pressuring others into buying puppies ♥ AMAZING second hand book shops (I genuinely gasped and put my hands to my mouth, Jane Austen style) ♥ My baby cousphew (cousin/nephew) being prematurely hipster...♥ Kate Middleton designing her own dress???!  I could not love the woman more! ♥ Lovely white sheets ♥ Peacocks strolling the grounds! la da da ♥ Generally chilling at the country club with the guys ♥ "Turn the sat nav off, she's getting on my tits" - Mum ♥ "Crud" - Dad ♥ New music ♥ Exciting plans with Miss Allie Hearne ♥ 'LETS TAKE PHOTOS THERE!!!' ♥ The love I feel, radiating down from Liverpool ♥ Going back to Liverpool tomorrow, home home home ♥ Wearing hats, all the time ♥ Going to the gym four day in a row - fitness goddess ♥

I have to go now, because my dad wants to go look at motorcycles in Exter *cough* midlife crisis! *cough*

Remember I love you all lodes!

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