Thursday, 17 November 2011

Things I love Thursday 17/11/11

WELL. I can confirm that I truly am not feeling especially loving right now. Me and Ruth are superrr ill, I can't actually form words anymore. Today I've spent the day sleeping and watching Pocahontas in my slanket. But, the last 48 hours aside, its been a great week, SO!

♥ My dip-dye hair, and Lindsey who did it for me ♥ IKEA; land of dreams ♥ Matilda Liar - amazing script, cast and directing. I gush. ♥ These shoes pretty please ♥ Seeing my beautiful beautiful family ♥ Fresh flower gifts ♥ Aftershow parties ♥ Ultra-chloraseptic throat spray. Yes. ♥ Impulsively piercing people ♥ The Queen on twitter ♥ My Dad, who is the Lord of Flatpack ♥ Ghetto rapping with Melissa ♥ Being attacked by friends I havn't seen in months ♥ My first cheerleading practice in half a year - acheyy ♥ Getting excited for feather hair extensions ♥ Frozen Planet, yes ♥ Being cited by Branny J in her essay - I am an academic source!! ♥ The Winters Tale ♥ Alexandra Gilbreath, who gave the most amazing talk ♥ Naps - speaking of which, I'm going back to bed! 


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