Thursday, 24 November 2011

Things I love Thursday 24/11/11

So I didn't write on Tuesday, because I was moving to THE DREAM HOUSE. And then the dream house didn't have any internet. But now it does, and I'll write Tuesday's post tomorrow. So.

I didn't take a photo of my actual house, but that's pretty much what it looks like. Sure.

It's been a pretty great (slash crazy busy) week, and ultimate credit must go to Papa Rio for being the-best-dad-eva and basically fixing everything for a new house that Ruth and I would have no idea how to do eg. wiring and shit.

♥ Lindsey and Jess, who brought me custard creams and nursed me back to health. ♥ Castle R&R (coat of arms to follow) ♥ The new Wuthering Heights film - "You broooke ma hearrrrt!" Seriously though, absolutely soul crushing ♥ The Made in Chelsea Final. No shame trash TV ♥ The Winters Tale, another class LUDS production ♥ Eating chilli and singing along to the whole Les Mis soundtrack ♥ Tumbling practice ♥ Feather hair extensions ♥ Smiles from new people ♥ Maggie, helper of houses ♥ Full book cases ♥ Party - LUDS just keep on bashing em out, I laughed and laughed ♥ Our new mattresses - never has my lumber been so supported ♥ Ruth Dalton. Still, no one has come up with the female equivalent of a bromance ♥ Newspaper nails ♥ Cheering again, and my fantastic new stunt group. See also: successful single basing ♥ Martin's gillet ♥ Lights on the Met Cathedral ♥ Aallllll the aftershow parties ♥ Plans for Christmas ♥ The Awakening by Kate Chopin ♥ Finding jobs I really actually want to get ♥

Happy happy happy! I hope you are thrice happy too x

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