Friday, 17 February 2012

Random Acts Of Kindness Day - 40 Ideas for your Karma

So according to Heart 106.2 fm (and I fail to see any more reliable source), tomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness Day. I love this idea, small  - or big - ways in which you can brighten someone elses day without them expecting it is such a lovely thing, I thought it might be nice to all jump on board. You know how I feel about bandwagons. Thus, I give you a little inspiration for creating a little nice feeling in the world.

1 - Buy something from a vending machine. Leave it there.
2 - Give your friend that piece of your clothing they've always coveted. Or, you know, lend it for a month.
3 - Sign up to be an organ donor.
4 - Send thankyou cards to your parents, for being your parents.
5 - Do your housemate's ironing for them.
6 - Offer to walk the dog, before your dad does it.
7 - Write a note and stick it on the mirror of a public bathroom saying 'You are beautiful'.
8 - Buy your boss a coffee, even though they get paid more than you.
9 - Pick up litter you see in the street.
10 - Leave encouraging notes inside books in the library.

11 - Actually buy a Big Issue for once!
12 - Let someone else have your parking space.
13 - Send a card to one of your old teachers, thanking them for what they did for you.
14 -Fold down the pages in a book of poetry that you think someone will like. Give it to them.
15 - Give up your seat on the bus, not just for an old person.
16 - Do everyone else's washing up.
17 - Let someone else have control of the remote, all night.
18 - Buy a treat for your pets.
19 - If you don't already, start recycling.
20 - Write a list of ten things you think are awesome about a friend and hide it under their pillow.

21 - Call a random number (after setting your own number to private!) and loudly sing Bob Marley down the phone.
22 - Offer to mow an elderly neighbour's lawn.
23 - Say good morning to people you dont know - and smile.
24 - If you get good service, make a point of telling the person's manager.
25 - Give your partner a massage, don't get one back.
26 - Take an hour to do whatever frivolous, lazy or outrageous thing you want to do.
27 - Tell someone you think they're beautiful.
28 - Write to your favourite author (or their children) telling them how they've impacted your life.
29 - If you visit someone in hospital, spend a bit of time with someone else who doesn't have any visitors.
30 - Call an elderly relative.

31 - If your the boss, let everyone leave half an hour early as a surprise.
32 - Get up early and make breakfast for your house.
33 - Give blood.
34 - Introduce two friends who you know would get on great but have never met each other.
35 - Leave home-made snacks on the desks of people at work.
36 - Tape a pound in a phone box with a note saying its for anyone who needs it.
37 - Leave flowers on a stranger's doorstep
38 - If someone tries to give you a flyer in the street, take it.
39 - Hug the next person you see.
40 - Always give way in traffic.

Got any more ideas for how to spread a little love?

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