Thursday, 16 February 2012

Things I love Thursday 16/2/12

Its a little while sine I've done one of these, not because I've had an unlovely time but because I've been SO busy. I'm working on two plays, got a big cheer comp this weekend, maybe a dance show in a few weeks and a new job, so its all a bit mental and blogging has had to take a bit of a back seat. Still, here we are and it's been lovely.

♥ Cheering my ass off with the Foxes ♥ Staff coke (read: anything free) ♥ Valentines day gifts ♥ The PERFORMING ARTS BALL which, if I do say so myself, was a bloody roaring success ♥ Seven pint Tuesday ♥ In depth lapel related debates ♥ University of Liverpool memes - do all unis have these now? ♥ Having tickets for Ben Howard ♥ The Moscow City Ballet's Swan Lake - the principle hit 31 fouettes, what a lad ♥ London Underground themed socials ♥ Auditions auditions auditions ♥ Being very very proud of certain very amazing friends ♥ Woyzeck ♥ Pesto ♥ Guys with great hair ♥ Efficiency ♥ My new job and lovely lovely colleagues/boss! ♥ Too much whiskey ♥ My first ballet class in too too long ♥ The Mumford and Sons new song - this band is, in the words of Liss Farrell, just so safe. ♥ Becca's millionaire shortbread ♥ Mid rehearsal snuggles ♥ Celia, the LLT mannequin ♥ Gentle, satisfying aches the day after exercise ♥ Spending quality time with the fam ♥ Treating myself and Ruth to a chorizo -who says we don't know how to party?! ♥

Big loves for all of you.

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