Thursday, 21 June 2012

Things I love Thursday 21/06/2012

A moment of reflection about all the great shit in my life.

♥ New pointe shoes, OH holy hard shank ♥ Hanging out with my young cousins ♥ Singing with people from the past ♥ Tentatively discovering the world of comic books ♥ Secret screenplays from talented friends ♥ Nina Simone ♥ Googling songs with my name in the lyrics ♥ Disco socks ♥ Making my own clothes ♥ Platonic spooning ♥ Presents from America ♥ Taking time to do things for me ♥ The most exciting Edinburgh plans ♥ Power plays and eye contact ♥ Sylvia Plath (always) ♥ Saying yes ♥ Day dreaming about plays and diamonds ♥ Tummy butterflies/tummy elephants ♥ My family, who are always just dead good ♥ Accents ♥ Strolling in the rain ♥ Swearing too much ♥ 

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