Monday, 10 September 2012

Creative Endeavour #26 - a reply

Someone left a comment telling me not to repeat words and use more punctuation in poems.
The result is now before you.
I’ll try to use various symbols (finding synonyms for the ‘p’ word feels difficult)!
Clarity’s evidently requisite…
…ellipsis’ may or may not be useful here.
Perhaps we should ascribe alliteration also.
Be this good poetry yet?!

(keyboard lacks interrobang)


  1. Great to hear a response!

    In my opinion, no fun in putting work in a public place if you are to resent comment / criticism, although I hope I didn't offend, wasn't my intention.

    I suppose your point here is that punctuation is nought but surface decoration when there's so much depth in language? Perhaps, but as a reader I find that when an author is more generous with the foundations (such as punctuation) the subtleties of the piece shine all the more brightly.

    Anyway, you know I love your work... and look! (<ellipsis!) my playful swipes got you even more creative!

    P.S has my letter arrived yet?

    TR xxxxx

    1. You know I'm only playing sugar. And no! When was it sent?! Literally so excited for that. Also, when did you start signing your name as your initials? I don't know how I feel about this...

  2. Don't worry I'm not trying to make it a 'thing'. Everyone knows 'things' are for aresholes. Sent a few weeks ago. Regards, Mr Thomas M Ready. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


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