Thursday, 23 February 2017

Things I love Thursday 23/02/17

Here's my appreciation list of things I'm getting off on this week. It's good for the health yo.

πŸ’œDecadent brunching πŸ’œ Fishnets πŸ’œ Hanging out with my old man cat πŸ’œ Really LISTENING to good music πŸ’œ Cake (the band) πŸ’œ Cake (the cake) πŸ’œ The smell of ancient books πŸ’œ Puppies that steal your pants πŸ’œ When your coach turns out to be a train πŸ’œ Taking myself on art dates πŸ’œ Just generally dating myself tbh πŸ’œ Lee's first time trying Oysters (he did not love) πŸ’œ Rosemary's Baby πŸ’œ Driving for hours in Storm Doris with music so loud I can't hear myself πŸ’œ Good coffee πŸ’œ Oh God the NHS, thanks guys πŸ’œ When Lee holds my ankle πŸ’œ Sketch πŸ’œ Finally making the wedding invitations for my favourite couple πŸ’œ Making my own t shirts/painting old denim πŸ’œ Left hands πŸ’œ Angry covers of beautiful songs πŸ’œ Getting my deadlift PR yo πŸ’œ Remembering to moisturise and feeling like a silky princess πŸ’œ Dad giving me free reign of the beer fridge πŸ’œ Getting into painting frenzies πŸ’œ LIFE LIFE LIFE I'M HERE FOR THE RIDE LEMME FEEL IT ALL I'M READY πŸ’œ


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