Thursday, 2 March 2017

Things I love Thursday 02/03/2017

This week has been absolute chaos, one of those where I just haven't come up for air, so PhD research has taken a bit of a back seat which is annoying. I'm honestly so excited for next week, because I'm gonna hang out with my bezza Ruth Dalton on Monday, and just go to the gym and be in the office loads, and I love weeks where I get to just do nice routine things because I LOVE ROUTINE. However, despite being a bit all over the place, this week was a good week, so here's some shit I'm grateful for.

💘 Getting to spend some time with my little cat, who at the grand age of 18 is being put to sleep tomorrow. I'm kinda sad, but also feeling very pragmatic, and he truly has had the best life any cat could hope for. Anyway, I'm so thankful I got to hang out with him a bit whilst he was still comfortable 💘 PANCAKES 💘 Poppa Matchett giving me free reign of the beer fridge 💘 Getting accepted to give a paper at my first academic conference IN BLOODY MILAN 💘  Colour co-ordinating outfits with pets 💘 Laura Marling 💘 Being sassy 💘 Exciting business meetings ft. merlot 💘 The success and happiness of friends 💘 Gelatine free Haribo 💘 Doing some actual theatre directing for the first time in what feels like a lifetime 💘 Painting frenzies 💘 When my boyfriend and my boss conspire to give me a Saturday night off to go to a surprise gig 💘 Dog tour 2k17 💘 Planning many a visit to the big smoke 💘 Getting SO MANY exciting submissions for the first issue of The Agenbite! 💘 Bee-sting eye cream makes my eyes so plump 💘 When my supervisor calls me a superstar and it's like when the cool kids at school say you can sit with them 💘 Smashing through the Santa Clarita Diet 💘 Kicking the Kyriarchy 💘 Red dresses 💘 Religious iconography 💘Deidre Barlow glasses 💘 Snatched moments with my sister 💘

Be good xx

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