Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Thats right people. You know the firm belief I held in my own indestructability, temporarily faltering under debt, rejection, illness and general bad times - well its back. RIO MATCHETT IS LUCKY. I dont want to jinx anything yet - why tempt it - but lets just say good things are happening to Rio. The world is Rio's oyster. Rio is the lady of fortune, the seductress of situation. A voyager on the stormy sea of opportunity, and let me tell you, she is riding those waves. Karma - karma is Rio's bitch.

It occured to me recently, that I have somewhat fucked up my karma, with various antics, some mentionable, some not so. And, I was very very in need of some good karma. It was then, that my beautiful friend Beccy presented me with a solution. Beccy is one of life's good guys, she's everything my mother wishes I was, honestly. One of the amazing things she does to make the world a better place was a perfect opportunity for me to reconcile with karma. So... I've been knitting. Knitting squares to make blankets, for old people's homes.

Yeh baby! I got the whole family involved - the fancy white one with the cable, that was my Dad. We've been like a furious knitting machine, its highly compulsive. And - well, watch this space for confirmation of my AWESOME good luck! Clearly, doing good deeds just to get something back DOES work. J. S. Mill was right, we dont want none of this deontological crap. Thats what a semester of philosophy taught me, and I have put it into practice and it works. I suggest you go and create some good karma now!

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