Monday, 15 November 2010

The importance of shoes, and why boys will just never get it.

Hard to believe these days, that high heels started off as a men's fashion. From the practical cowboy boot heel to the ridiculous 30 inch heels of the far Eastern 15th Century, heels were a sign of manliness, power and strength, adding literal and metaphorical size.

How times have changed! With the exception of the Cowboy boot, and perhaps the Cuban heel, the ever increasing platform is now reserved pretty much solely (pun intended) for women. Post post-post feminism, or however many movements we're down now, I dont think its good argument that women wear heels to please men. Doesn't cut it, I don't believe women are that pathetic. So WHY do we?! They render us unable to run, increase the likelihood of sprains and fractures, can cause foot deformities such as bunions and hammertoe, and after a couple of hours, they hurt!

But womens' love affair with the high heel is unfailing. They force you to alter your posture, making you appear longer and thinner, make legs look more toned, and they make your ass look good. Honestly, that doesn't go through my head when I'm running around Office like a child in a sweet shop. Infact, if I could wear heels without being taller, I would, cos I'm pretty darn tall already.

The fact is (at least in my opinion) - high heels make you feel sexy. And - wait for it! - thats OK!


Sister! I hear the feminists cry, dont reduce yourself to a sex object, you are not an object for mens pleasure!

Damn right I'm not! But, please sister, explain to me, what is so bad about being sexual? Is to be sexual automatically to reduce yourself? Hell no! Sexuality is a quality just like beauty, humour, intelligence and kindness. I'm not saying they're all equally important, but they are all important, and you certainly have no right to demean any one of them.

Undoubtedly, our image of heels as being sexy is wrapped up in what the media feed us, blah blah blah, that doesn't make it any less relevant. In my opinion, if its socially decent and it makes you feel good, do it.

Anyway, there is so much more to the high heel than that. They're fun. We associate them with going out with our friends and partying. They're a milestone of being 'grown up' - every little girl has tried on her mother's heels and wobbled around the bedroom. Well hey, now you can wear whatever shoes you like, you are a valid person and your choices are your own.

They transform us - we put on a pair of heels and we instantly walk tall (because we have to), we stand up straight because we're proud of ourselves, we become that cool musician/actress/sixth former our younger self wanted to be.

And the fact is - despite the fact that (mostly, but not always) they love us in them, men just don't get it. And they dont want to hear you bitching about how your feet hurt - man up ladies, it was your choice to wear them. They don't understand, because there isn't really an equivalent item for them. Passed through the generations as an emblum of femininity and fun, power and seduction. Maybe they had the jean, but we totally stole that. They dont understand why you would wear something uncomfortable, because they dont understand how goddam good it makes you feel when you catch a glimpse of your ankle in the mirror. You are sexy. You are woman. Hear you roar.



  1. I love high heels! Just walked round my room in my highest ones!
    There is definitely nothing wrong with feeling sexy ;)

  2. "now you can wear whatever shoes you like, you are a valid person and your choices are your own." Damn my miniscule feet! My choices are dictated by stupid high street shops that only start at a size 3! Though tbh any high heels made for my size feet are creepy because they would be made for 10 year olds...

  3. ebay! asian people statistically have small feet, buy from hong kong!


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