Saturday, 1 March 2014

Things I love (Saturday) 01/03/14

I haven't done of these in eighteen months, so it's probably time... Here's a list of stuff that's making me happy at the moment.

♥Wearing ostentatious sparkles all over my face ♥ DaDa ♥ Martha, forever and always ♥ Kick ass rehearsals where you can literally FEEL the show improving ♥ finding Martin ♥ Special mention: Georgia Matchett ♥ Curry gone wrong ♥ Planning new burlesque acts Carbon Leaf ♥ That the sunshine is finally here! ♥ Summer plans ♥ Understanding emails ♥ Speakeasy ♥ James Joyce, till I die ♥ People who's talent and creativity and enthusiasm literally hurts my heart ♥ My family, who win at family every day ♥ YEP ♥ Brave brave people, Katie Watkinson I'm looking at you ♥ Getting my hands on all the new writing ♥ All the spooning ♥ Feeling almost, almost at peace with life after graduation ♥ Liverpool. Just Liverpool ♥ Old friends who make the effort to stay close ♥ FINALLY paying off my Edinburgh debts ♥ The Performing Arts Ball! ♥ Hands around your face when you're being kissed ♥ Really fucking exciting theatre ♥ Quality alone time with the ukulele ♥ Unexpected compliments This advert ♥ Making new friends ♥ Getting to work with really, really nice people ♥ Being approached about very exciting new projects ♥ When Beej turns up in Liverpool when I'm not expecting her ♥ Seeing friends being happier than they've been in ages ♥ All the raspberry body butter Chvrches ♥ Writing comedy sketches I didn't feel were awful ♥ Hair stroking, all day err' day ♥ Megan Bell ♥ Spooning in bed, spooning on the sofa, spooning in the bar, spooning in the library ♥ Martin taking me to the secret and most beautiful part of the library ♥ Having decent length nails for a change ♥ Not feeling the need to wear make up every day ♥ What about ALIENS?! ♥ LUDS, always ♥ No judgement corner shop ♥ Phone calls from school friends: see also, offers for free cosmetic surgery The National ♥ Learning new skills ♥ The opening of the new Everyman!!! ♥ Counting down the days to seeing WWE (I paid to see Daniel Bryan) ♥ Too too many coffee breaks ♥ Singing, loud ♥ Puppets puppets puppets ♥ 

I could go on, because life is the best. I'm gna try do this more regularly again, someone remind me!

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