Saturday, 8 March 2014

Things I love (Saturday) 8/3/14

♥ The Lion King 2 soundtrack as dissertation work music ♥ Free Freddos ♥ Planning far too far ahead and far too ambitiously ♥ Canterbury Tales ♥ Rudolph Laban ♥ FEELING SUNSHINE ON MY FACE  Library cuddles ♥ Hearing the music for Canterbury Tales for the first time! ♥ Meave Sullivan ♥ Hobby horses! ♥ Seedy seedy breakfast smoothies ♥ Hair stroking yes please ♥ Ludovico Einaudi ♥ Watching the word count grow ♥ People with accents ♥ Men in suits ♥ Somewhat premature sunglasses wearing ♥ Chinese street theatre  Sleep smiles ♥ Getting to play with really, really old manuscripts for photoshoots ♥ New knickers ♥ Gear's beard ♥ Booking approx. a million play tickets ♥ GETTING TO SEE THE OPENING NIGHT OF THE EVERYMAN'S TWELFTH NIGHT TONIGHT OH GOD ♥ Everything smells of vanilla ♥ Sparkly unicorn diary ♥ Really, really helpful librarians ♥ Sleeping naked ♥ The Pillowman being absolutely incredible♥ Adding to the 'things I will read after my dissertation' pile ♥ Stretching ♥ Amazing costumes ♥ Did I mention THE CANTERBURY TALES?!?!?! ♥ Crushing on Disney characters ♥ Raging tog success ♥ Secret poems ♥ The Everyman opening parade. I cried ♥ People who go out of their way to help you ♥ Breezy breezy breezes ♥ Kissing with fingers and eyes and knees  Pale skin on white sheets  Planning new routines  Being able to properly talk about things  Feeling really, really welcome   Looking forward to Momma Matchett's visit  Being confided in  Hiding inside people's chests, being held really tightly ♥ The t-shirt with Martha's face on it  Unsolicited compliments  Networking to the max ♥ All the bright red lipstick 

I hope you're feeling happy and if not find me and I'll hug you so hard some of mine osmosis's into you.

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