Sunday, 23 March 2014

Things I love (Sunday) - 23/03/14

♥ Feeling super beloved by friends ♥ Creative support ♥ Squirrels ♥ Being proactive about my health ♥ Sick poster designs ♥ Safe tummy feelings ♥ My sister ♥ PUPPETS ♥ Democracy, see also: Great SRO election results ♥ Sleepy snoozy Sundays ♥ Wearing little secret plaits in my hair ♥ LUDS, making me the proudest LUDS-momma of all time ♥ Starting to feel really at home in the new Everyman ♥ Super loud rain ♥ Hair stroking (basically every week, sorry not sorry) ♥ Hanging out with my Mum ♥ Getting playlists made for you ♥ GREAT smelling candles ♥ My fucking tireless cast and crew ♥ Proper kisses, held tight ♥ Amazing restaurant service ♥ Taking no shit ♥ My new Isis wings ♥ Singing Disney songs in the shower ♥ Free coffee ♥ Harold and Maude ♥ Jelly ♥ SUNSHINE ♥ Big floppy hats ♥ Big soft wall hangings from Camden ♥ Having someone hold your hand when you get scared. In other news, stress hugs and having minstrels thrust upon you ♥ Getting my back got ♥ Cr-afternoons ♥ Being HILARIOUS on snapchat ♥ Reliving The Tribe ♥ Appreciative actors ♥ Learning new stuff ♥ Dancing and laughing and BEING with the sunshine ♥ 

and this song

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